KEAP Creative

KEAP Creative was set up in 2007 by seven artists who met at Newbiggin Arts Forum.

They believed that Art is part of that which makes us human and in addition to producing their own work, which is very important to them, they aimed to encourage members of the community to participate by looking and doing.
They also believed that Art has an important role to play in the regeneration of the community in which they live and work. All KEAP artists live in Newbiggin by the Sea.

The original seven artists eventually became four - Peter Seddon, Eva Hartley, Alan Vinters and Pamela Shears and the number of projects that they have recently undertaken has decreased. This is due to ageing (all four now qualify for pensions!) and depleted energy levels. It would be good if new younger, energetic and enthusiastic artists could join them (or even replace them) and shoulder some of the burden.

No more funding has been applied for and the financial pot is now nearly empty. Attempts are being made to minimise outgoing costs. So one way is to close the website. This will be effective from December 2015. In the meantime some of the significant achievements have been introduced to special pages on the Peter Seddon Ceramics website and you will find these under the KEAP Creative heading.