Leap Year Giveaway

Since arriving in Newbiggin by the Sea I have produced a collection of work comprising mainly hanging ceramic panels (like those that form part of Newbiggin Art Trail) which in the main have been previously exhibited. I do still have a large number of pieces that remain unsold and I am running out of space.

I was moved by a former student of mine, Helen Marten, who went on to win the Turner Prize in 2016 and immediately gave away threequarters of her prize money to her three fellow artist nominees. She also won the Barbara Hepworth Inaugural Sculpture prize the same year and engaged in a similar gesture to her fellow shortlisted nominees. This struck me as being a rather socialist and philanthropic activity and moved me to decide to give away all my accumulated work for FREE. I was concerned that this might be considered arrogant but I decided that I would rather give my work to those who might appreciate it and live with the charge of arrogance.


I will be taking all my work to the Latimer Room at Newbiggin Maritime Centre on Sunday March 15th where from 2pm onwards you are invited to select what you want for your personal use. You may want to make a small donation but there is no obligation.