From Newbiggin back to Bollington

After my retrospective exhibition at Newbiggin Maritime Centre in late 2017 I had intended to produce more work based on my experiences of a visit to Iceland.

A combination of age, an increasing lack of energy, annoying health issues and community commitments has prevented me from producing any new work and I am working hard to convince myself that this must be put right soon!

I am looking forward to an exhibition of my work at Bollington Arts Centre in September 2018. I lived in Bollington for twenty five years and contributed to the Arts Festivals held there. I am hoping to meet many of the friends I made in Bollington and Macclesfield and to show how my work has developed as a consequence of leaving the foothills of the Pennines to discover the coastline of Northumberland where I now live and the influences of my visits to Norway and Scotland.

You will have learned from the previous pages of my website that for many years I produced reduction fired stoneware taking advantage of the tactile qualities of the clay, slips and glazes. More recently I have been influenced by the work of Jeremy Gardiner and Peter Lanyon and although my work is still stoneware fired I am now using earthenware glazes to paint many layers. I find this fascinating (and self indulgent).

My exhibition at Bollington Arts Centre opens on Sunday 2nd September and is open each Sunday from 2pm to 4pm until 30th September and at other times when the Centre is open for other events.